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DGB solves the very practical and real challenges of man’s symbiosis and relationship with trees to harness free market forces and the access to capital needed to rapidly accelerate the reforestation of earth. 

The scale of global reforestation that needs to be undertaken in the coming years is almost unimaginable but it represents an exciting opportunity for the capital markets and for private individuals. We will not only resolve one of the last remaining barriers to our survival here, restoring balance to continued life on earth, but will act in great service to all life and to the Creator.

Founded in 1957 and with a rich history, DGB is now an innovative environmental services company that specialises in developing and aggregating nature based solutions throughout the planet. We are committed to the long-term goal of increasing carbon sequestration in vegetation and soil to reduce net carbon emissions. 

About DGB

DGB is a company based in the Netherlands, Europe. People define us as an organization that works on finding innovative ways to improve the environment. We also put an accent on helping individuals and businesses, educating them in the process.

We are well aware of the deforestation that happens all around the globe, and try to indicate a good relationship between humans and nature. Therefore, we focus on planting even more trees, using careful planning techniques on where, how, and when to plant them. Our company knows the importance of reforestation and what benefits come from it.



Flourishing forest for the next generation



The idea of investing in nature has been our main goal since our inception. Even before technology was developed to ease up the process, we decided to find different ways and alternatives to improve the planet's health, by leaning carbon dioxide from the air and with that, reducing emissions. We've been committed to finding alternatives that will be in everyone's favor in the long run, rather than finding something short-term and not suitable to businesses and individuals. DGB is now entirely focused on businesses of all sizes, as well as finding alternatives to change the farmers' agricultural habits that inadvertently destroy the planet.

Even though we seek to reduce the excessive amounts of emissions in the atmosphere, we are also aware of some of the positive traits of using these gases. This includes the existence of carbon in the soil. It has motivated us to find innovative ways to fixate carbon in the soil, so our clients can increase overall production and product quality.

A financial instrument to leverage nature conservation

This idea was born decades, even centuries ago, when global pollution started showing its negative effects on our planet. DGB, as a company, is the first public company that has transferred its views on deforestation and with it, the problems that have occurred.

Becoming a publicly listed company allows us to be able to finance arrangements such as private ones, with the sole purpose of helping the environment. There are personal shareholders, offices that belong to families, venture capital businesses, or alliances with greater corporations connected with bonds, loans, and deals of equity. Our shareholders also enjoy many benefits. Furthermore, there are multiple ways for everyone to help the forestry industry. As all of our assets (such as offices) belong to families and private investors, we are supported and certified as a responsible and reliable company, mainly focused on making a positive impact globally, through planning and executing various environmental-friendly actions. The help we get, meaning investments in DGB as an organization, can have a large sustainable impact, which is permanent, mainly on the forests, and with it - on the environment. In short, you invest in your quality of life, too.

If you want to help directly to preserve our environment through a reliable source, you may do so by simply dropping us a line. We live in a community in symbiosis with nature, so it's time to repay what nature has been giving us thus far - life.

There is a much larger vision behind our organization. The vision is to give back life to the world's forests by becoming the leading investors, providing a visible, high impact on the natural surroundings. The plan is to reforest a large capacity of the world's land and to give nature the space we have taken over long periods of time.



Reforestation for everyone



Organizing the entire process of soil fertilization, forestation, carbon footprint, farming alternatives, and any other service we provide is done by a group of hard-working people, making the job even more efficient. We've spent a lot of time researching the dangers of forest degradation, erosion, pollution, greenhouse gasses, and carbon dioxide emissions.

These dangers made us think differently and plan every step of the way long before we present it to our investors and clients. The process lasts even longer when we plan with governments and authorities the entire process of planting. Even before the plants see the sunlight and leave the soil, they are part of a long process of planning and thinking. We start with a theoretical solution, which is then followed by extensive research by a team of experts, followed by experiments, and finally - the project begins.

Our shareholders enjoy many benefits since we've gone public. This gives us countless opportunities to sell or buy more, all by doing it transparently, for the environment. With easy-understanding methods, we present to the world the ways companies can become eco-friendly, save money, and invest in new technologies. 

Let's plant trees!

Trees are vital. As the largest plants on the planet, they provide us with oxygen, store carbon, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife
Start planting trees NOW!


  • Company Founded

    January 1957

  • Printing house activities split off

    December 2015

  • Management buyout for Energy activities

    September 2020

  • Launch Global reforestation

    February 2021

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