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Recent research has found that the Dead Sea is shrinking. There are many contributory factors for..

The Indonesian government is hoping that its forests will not only be carbon neutral but also act..

Ecosystems and biomes are two terms that are commonly used in ecology and environmental science. ..

Fact No. 1 – Types of Vegetation

Vegetation within the typical tundra ecosystem consists of grass..

DGB aims to prevent deforestation as well as plant trees. Join us on our mission to protect natu..

Sustainability is both a term and a concept that is widely used in conjunction with environmental..

Example Number 1: Sahel Region, Northern Africa

The Sahel region is a strip of land that stretche..

Desertification is a serious problem across significant areas of the African continent. Large are..

A new focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues is causing predictions that glo..