Selwyn Duijvestijn Nov 10, 2020 10:19:00 PM 1 min read

Nature conservation with Habitat banking

Habitat banking is a contemporary approach to nature compensation. It is one of the possible instruments that can help in the sustainable use and protection of natural capital.

What is habitat banking?

Habitat banking is a trading system for nature. Landowners develop nature and thus create "habitat rights". These can be bought by parties who want to offset their negative impact on nature.

Habitat banking responds to the trend in society in which more and more parties are engaged in the development of new nature in their own environment. Habitat banking brings this trend together with the demand for compensation nature.

The system brings the individual interests of land owners and users more into line with the collective interests of an area, in which both economic development and nature development play a role. It can also be seen as a new financing construction that will make the nature sector less dependent on government subsidies.

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