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Editor Sep 19, 2021 12:22:43 AM 1 min read

Nigel Farage reports 8.77% potential stake in DGB

Nigel Farage has announced a substial holding in DGB Group. Farage reported an equity stake of 8.77 percent with the same voting rights. This interest is held directly potential.

The notification is a result of the approval at the General Meeting of Shareholders for the grant of 1 million options earlier this week. Shareholders approved the proposal to grant 1 million options to Nigel Farage for his role as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

The share options have a strike price of EUR 1.50 and are only exercisable once the DGB share price reaches EUR 20. This means that Nigel Farage can redeem the share options when the DGB Group NV share reaches a price of EUR 20. The share options have no expiration date.