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12 Reasons You Should Invest in Carbon Market Investments

The carbon market is a rapidly growing industry and for good reason! If you're looking for a way to help the environment while also making some money, carbon market investment is the perfect option for you. In this blog post, we will discuss 12 reasons why you should invest in carbon markets. By the end of this post, you'll be convinced that this is a smart investment decision!

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1.  Take Advantage Of CO2 Emission Data 

The Verified Carbon Standard provides a consistent, global framework for measuring and reporting emissions.  This creates opportunities for companies to improve their carbon footprint and become more efficient. As an investor, you can take advantage of this data to identify companies that are making strides in reducing their emissions. This is a valuable piece of information that can help you make profitable investment decisions. What's more, the carbon standard also provides guidance on how to offset emissions. 

2. An Efficient Way To Price Carbon & Encourage Reductions

Carbon markets provide an efficient way to price carbon and incentivize reductions in emissions according to this article by the BBC. The carbon market is a way of putting a price on carbon emissions and the largest market for carbon offsetting is being praised by governments for its ability to help nations achieve ambitious emissions reduction targets. 

Countries will effectively be able to trade credits and the exchange should balance out and prevent a global increase in emissions, which is surely a good thing for the future of the planet! 

"The price of carbon offsets will triple by 2035." according to Ernst&Young.  Read their report.3. 3. Help Countries Reach Key Climate Goals 

Carbon markets can help countries meet their climate goals by providing revenue for mitigation efforts. Trading carbon credits means countries will be able to meet their specific climate goals and gain funding for adaptation efforts. In addition, carbon markets can help countries transition to low-carbon economies. San Diego Gas & Electric analyzed the roadmap to carbon neutrality by 2045 for California and found that in order for the state to reach its goal of net-zero by 2045, it would have to decarbonize at 4.5 times the rate of the past ten years. This means it must ramp up its decarbonization efforts or risk missing the deadline altogether. 

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4. Proactively Combat Climate Change

Investing in the carbon market whether as a business or individual can help build resilience to climate change. The funds generated from the sale of voluntary carbon credits can enable the development of carbon-reduction projects across a wide array of projects such as renewable energy, natural climate solutions, such as reforestation, and reducing waste. 
Also, this could cut back costs and thus improve profit.

5. Unlock Private Sector Finance

The carbon market can help unlock private sector finance for climate action. The carbon market provides an opportunity for the private sector to invest in climate mitigation and adaptation. In addition, carbon markets can help mobilize private finance for climate-related investments and thus provide key funding for eco-friendly organizations on a mission to protect the planet. 

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6. Introduce Low Carbon Practices As A Business

Carbon markets provide an opportunity to shift investment toward low-carbon technologies and practices. As an investor, you can therefore take advantage of the opportunity to trade via carbon credits to support businesses that are introducing low-carbon practices. And, carbon markets can also help finance the deployment of low-carbon technologies too!

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7. Improve Air Quality & Support Local Economic Development

Carbon markets can generate co-benefits such as improved air quality and local economic development.   The carbon market can also help reduce emissions of other pollutants, such as black carbon. Since air quality can trigger a number of respiratory health problems, this is a great way to improve public health as a whole and create a cleaner environment for the future generation. 

8. Support A Green Economy 

Investing in the carbon market can also help to build a green economy and create green-related job opportunities. Suppose a company that is focused on reforestation projects is able to generate more support and financial investment thanks to the trading of carbon credits, they may need to expand their business and their team. In this way, supporting the carbon market can make more jobs available within sustainable and eco-friendly organizations. So if you're trying to become more sustainable and eco-friendly as a business, carbon markets are a great way to finance that transition. 

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9. Work Towards Sustainable Development Goals

The carbon market can support sustainable development goals, such as those related to energy access and food security. And being able to position your business as sustainable will be a great advantage especially if you work within a competitive industry. Steps that you take as a business to become more ‘green’ and sustainable are only going to be a good thing! 

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10. Support Blue Carbon Markets 

Carbon markets are a key part of the global effort to combat climate change and can help tackle greenhouse gasses and rising sea levels. Blue carbon markets are a relatively new concept where projects that are focused on restoring underwater ecosystems generate credits that reflect the tonnes of carbon captured and stored which can then be sold to global buyers who wish to offset their own carbon emissions. 

This recognition has inspired the concept of blue carbon markets, where projects restoring these ecosystems generate “credits” based on the tonnes of carbon captured and stored. The credits are then sold to global buyers such as businesses that want to offset their own carbon emissions. The global demand for carbon credit is set to increase by fifteen-fold from 2020 to 2030, and the value of voluntary carbon markets in 2021 was estimated to be shy of $1 billion USD, which demonstrates the rising demand for blue carbon markets and carbon trading in general. 

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11:  Earn Money By Reducing Emissions

You can make money by investing in carbon markets and helping to reduce emissions. Another reason to start investing in the carbon market is that you have the potential to make money from it. Producing and selling carbon offsets has become a lucrative business in the US and worldwide, especially for small farmers, landowners, and ranchers. And this additional revenue can be used to improve businesses and make them more environmentally friendly. In this way, we can improve the lives of communities globally.

12. Build A Cleaner & Healthier Future 

Investing in the carbon market can help build a cleaner, healthier future for all, and this is sure all the information you need to start investing in this market! If we fail to protect the planet and reduce harmful carbon emissions, sadly the future will be bleak for those left to try and tackle such a significant global issue! We have a duty of care to the planet and to the future of mankind. 

So there you have it, 12 reasons why carbon market investment is a great idea! We hope this has inspired you to take action and make the switch to carbon markets. Share your favorite reason to invest in the carbon market by tagging us LinkedInTwitter, or Instagram using #dgb_earth.

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