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6 Most Amazing Trees on the planet

Trees are often considered to be more than just natural landscapes. They are known to provide food and shelter to the wildlife. Furthermore, they also help in absorbing carbon dioxide and in producing breathable air. One of the best things about trees is that they add more beauty to the world. Trees are the longest living organisms on Earth, and never die of old age. Here is a list of the six most amazing trees on earth. These amazing six trees are picked up for their fascinating qualities, uniqueness, and overall beauty.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus

With pastel-like colors running all through its trunk, the rainbow eucalyptus is a native tree of New Guinea. When the tree bark ages and flakes,it undergoes through a spectrum of several types of colors that reveals a psychedelic beauty. This particular tree is also known as Mindanao gum or the rainbow gum. Another unique feature of this tree is that it is the only eucalyptus to live inside a rainforest and the only species to be found outside Australia. Its impressive height and its multicolor bark make it stand out.

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The Bristlecone Pine

The gnarled and twisted figures aren’t only the amazing feature of this pine but this Bristlecone pine is believed to be one of the oldest living organisms on earth. These trees are capable to live for more than five thousand years, thereby making its gnarled old look pretty fitting. These trees are mostly found in the subalpine groves of the western coast of the United States.

Kauri Tree Of New Zealand

The towering Kauris found in the northern part of New Zealand can grow up to 45m or 150ft tall. They generally stand like big columns in the forest region and their colossal mottled trunks are uninterrupted by branches until and unless they clear off the whole understory.

Rhododendron Shrub, Canada

The rhododendron shrub of Canada is always evergreen, azaleas, and deciduous in nature. These plants range from creeping shrubs to different medium-sized trees having saucer-like bell-shaped flowers that are usually red, pink, mauve, purple, or orange in color.

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The Japanese Maple

These Japanese maple trees have long been favored in several types of ornamental gardens. They are relatively small, even though they grow gigantic in size when compared to other specimens of their own species. Furthermore, they also produce weeping legions of leaves that change their color from dark green or dark purple to brilliant orange, yellow or red. They are also known to provide a showy display of color in the Autumn season just before its leaves start falling into the ground. This particular tree specimen is indeed large of its kind and it generally grows in the Japanese Garden located in Portland, Oregon

The Redwoods

The giant coastal redwoods of California, US are considered to be the largest and tallest trees on the planet. However, these monoliths of nature are often considered to be vulnerable and endangered species of the planet.

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