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Selwyn Duijvestijn

Chief Executive Officer - DutchGreen Business

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If you want to change the world, plant trees. Trees are very important and we are here to raise awar..

Well, many of the people out there may have heard about carbon offsetting as well as carbon neutral...

Trees are the biggest or the most massive living organism found on this planet. Several types of tre..

A tree in general is a perennial plant with supporting branches, trunk, and leaves in most species. ..

The rainforests are the type of forests that are either characterized by continuous or high rainfall..

Forests are considered to be nature’s greatest providers. Apart from being a source of food security..

The tree of life is a widespread fundamental archetype valid in several world mythologies, philosoph..

Agroforestry can be termed as a land use management system, where shrubs or trees are grown among pa..

The VCM or the voluntary carbon market was formed with the basic idea of driving finances into sever..