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5 Most Beautiful Trees On Earth

The world is filled with several beautiful things, but it can never be argued that there is anything so amazing as all these beautiful trees that we are blessed with. As individual as human fingerprints, every tree has something unique or special about its species. The overall benefits of these tree beings are numerous or abundant to count. Furthermore, there are several things that we can gain from these trees. Trees are known to provide invaluable medicines that humans haven’t found their counterpart in synthetic pharmaceuticals. Moreover, their beauty is unparalleled for how much each is different from the other. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss five of the most beautiful trees found on Earth. 

The Frankenstein Tree Of Colors

Though beautiful, the Frankenstein tree of colors can never occur naturally. This Forty fruited tree is an ongoing part of a horticulture experiment. It is one of many trees that has been grafted in order to produce around forty different stone fruits including, cherries, peaches, plums, and apricots.

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The Japanese Maple

These Japanese maple trees have long been favored in several types of ornamental gardens. They are relatively small, even though they grow gigantic in size when compared to other specimens of their own species. Furthermore, they also produce weeping legions of leaves that change their color from dark green or dark purple to brilliant orange, yellow or red.

They are also known to provide a showy display of color in the Autumn season just before its leaves start falling into the ground. This particular tree specimen is indeed large of its kind and it generally grows in the Japanese Garden located in Portland, Oregon.

The Dragonblood Tree

The dragon blood tree is undoubtedly the most interesting and beautiful tree found on the planet. A great feature of this tree is that it works in reverse when compared to other trees. It generally grows throughout the islands of the Indian ocean and it is one of the species that is capable of growing in dry and harsh desert-like climate.

Its long and thick umbrella-like canopy helps in keeping the root system and the trunk in shade and its short-pointed leaves suck out water right from the air and sends it directly down to the roots. This tree further helps in the existence of micro-oasis in the middle of the desert where other plants won’t be able to survive.

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Yoshino Cherry

The Hanami time, or Japan’s cherry blossom season, is particularly one of the world's best natural spectacles. This is partly because the Yoshino cherry blooms are very much beautiful and their flowers appear well just before the foliage.

The Cannonball Tree

The cannonball tree is a deciduous type of tree in the flowering plant family of Lecythidaceae. It is generally native to the tropical forests of South and Central America and is also cultivated in different parts of the world. Furthermore, the fruits of these trees are brownish grey in color and this tree has several religious and cultural significance in India.

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