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Terra Carta

The interdependence between planetary health and human health has never been clearer. While starting a fresh decade the time is appropriate for us to concentrate on our future that we like to build. Although significant progress has been made by humanity during the last century, lots of destruction to our planet has been caused by the expenses of this progress. It is simply not possible for us to indefinitely sustain this course.

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What is the Terra Carta?

It is important for us to speed up sustainability in our economy so as to create a sustainable and efficient future. There ought to be a center of gravity for catalyzing this kind of massive effort and for mobilizing the incentives and resources needed. During the previous year, leaders from different industries and sectors have been summoned by me through Sustainable Markets Initiative and they have also been challenged to recognize ways for setting up this planet on a more maintainable trajectory. This opportunity has been seized by the business leaders for developing a charter of practical and ambitious action. I am in the process of introducing this “Terra Carta” with these insights with the intention of a recovery plan for People, Nature, and Planet.

What is the aim of the Terra Carta?

The primary aim of the Terra Carta is to offer a roadmap for speeding up a sustainable and ambitious future. It should be able to make use of Nature’s power in combination with innovation, transformative power, as well as resources of the private sector.

It is a fact that we have faced lots of problems over the years, and Nature has offered us the solutions successfully. It is essential to harness the universal philosophies deep-rooted in the harmony of Nature’s cycles, geometry, and patterns for informing science, technology, engineering, and design, and this can definitely drive a future which is sustainable. However, we are quickly running out of time and also wiping out rapidly by means of mass extinctions, lots of Nature’s exclusive treasure trove of species which will help us to create sustainable and innovative products for the upcoming days. It is important to bring forward timelines for change in case we are able to make a transformative move by the conclusion of the decade before it becomes quite late.

Terra Carta for Sustainable markets

During the next few years, my Sustainable Markets Initiative is going to report on and also make updates on the Terra Carta at regular intervals for reflecting the continuous progress and rapid change that has been achieved across the globe.

In case the legacy of our present generation is considered by us, over 800 years earlier, Magna Carta motivated a belief in the liberties and fundamental rights of individuals. While we try to imagine the progress that will be made by humans during the subsequent 800 years, the value and fundamental rights of Nature should represent a particular step - modification in our “future of economy” and “future of industry” approach. Considering all these, Nature lies at the core of the “Terra Carta”.

Today ought to be the definitive moment for sustainability to become the success story of our generation, and for Nature to be the driver of our economy. Prince Chares is summoning CEOs from across the globe for engaging and playing their role in pioneering this global transition. It is essential to take every single day into consideration for guaranteeing our future, and it should begin today.

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