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As a business, the impact of your product on the planet is an issue of critical importance to your customers. Many companies are seeking to manage their exposure to environmental risks and exploit the growing opportunities through developing a strategic carbon management strategy. It is often difficult to decide how to prioritise actions and to assess which approaches provide the best environmental and financial outcomes. 

The impact your production may have on the planet, many of your customers might see as an issue. They will rather choose a product from your competitors, rather than buy from you unless you work more on eco-friendly solutions. Many modern companies and factories nowadays try putting more effort into making a strategy that will help them properly manage carbon emissions. Many of them are facing major difficulties whenever they need to summarize the priorities between financially stable solutions and environmentally stable solutions. This is where DGB can help a lot.

We work closely with companies and major factories to define the line between profits and the greater good, more specifically for the environment. DGB works on finding the best solutions on how to profit and still be eco-friendly and carbon dioxide-free. Finding all the possible ways is very important, as one solution can’t serve them all.

Offset your company

Staff perk Sustainability is among the most important attributes for employees in 2021.
business travel offset Offset the emissions your employees produce with their business travels.
A company forest Your forest will grow every month and be visible for your employees and customers to see.

Reduce your carbon footprint through sensible energy reductions combined with cost-effective carbon offsets to eliminate the overall carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting for business



The years 2030 and 2050 seem to be the target years for many major companies and corporations to reduce their emissions of carbon into the atmosphere. A crucial way or tool for improving environmental issues is buying environmental carbon-neutral tools or offsets. Carbon offsetting is a great alternative to options such as reforestation.

The capabilities of DGB enable our company to analyze and organize solutions and perform research to help companies find their best way so far. We have been working on trying to trace ways of using carbon for beneficial aims and reduce it in the places where it creates negative effects. What's special about our company is our hard work to please every client, according to all industry standards. Plans vary, depending on our clients' needs, and include different problems and logical solutions. The volume of the plans and financial support also vary from business to business.

Eco-friendly services for your company

It's crucial for all plans to be done individually. Moreover, it takes flexibility and individual planning to comply with each requirement. Our job is to work towards reaching everyone's goal and preference, and by that, to reduce the carbon footprint of the planet. Setting the highest standards is what defines us, as a qualified company. No matter the size of your business, whether small, medium, or large, we can easily find a solution that will suit your size, your status, and your needs.

We are also more than willing to present to you the climate change goals and the goals we want to reach while helping all kinds of businesses. Not only that but with these projects we can make strategies to effectively increase your sales and with it - better income. Improving your brand and the presentation of our brand is also included.



Plant trees



Solutions and strategies can also gravitate towards and around planting trees wherever the strategies and planning allow us to do so. It can even be around the company space, or around the factory. By planting trees, our clients not only pay carbon taxes for a better future, but they also finance planting trees. This is also a very important component. The trees planted are mostly located in Europe (The Netherlands), as well as abroad. Forestation is needed everywhere and it needs to expand, even more, compared to when it was reduced by urbanization.

The types of organizing that we do around planting are of different kinds and ways. Worldwide planting is also included as an option, starting from the top North to the Bottom of the South, from the West to the Far East. Our projects are meant to be done for the obvious ecological reasons and benefits. Also, they are beneficial to improve people's environmental education, as they are when we are planting trees. They find out much more about why trees are so much needed and how they are meant to save the future of the environment. Most of the solutions are planned for a long period, meaning we take care of things long-term. Moreover, you learn how you can be generous to nature, as it has been generous to us for thousands of years.

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