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Recent research shows how more than 14% of all GHGs around the world are created by travel-based actions. By this, it is not meant to stop traveling, but to make companies their vehicles to be more eco friendly and to find a better solution than our environment has favor from.

Traveling and carbon emissions

When it comes to carbon emissions, there are more than 8% carbon emissions that come just from traveling. Each time there is a plane in the sky, guests in a hotel room, tourists in a taxi there are more and more carbon emissions that just add up.

However, there are ways for this phenomenon to be stopped and alternated. Still, there are some adjustments that flying companies and hotels ought to make. For instance, instead of turning off the air conditioner, try to rent an electric vehicle that can do the same job. Somehow, there aren't ways that can solve this problem, but there are ways that can reduce it.

Some of the traveling companies and hotels have already heard and are aware of the problem and they are working on creating eco-friendly solutions. Still, there are some things that each individual can do and work toward so greater results can be reached.

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Carbon offsetting your travels

Industries connected to carbon offsetting look towards reducing carbon dioxide as a harmful substance in the atmosphere, but that's not enough. Moreover, each family needs to be involved in this process.

The term "carbon footprint" is the amount of carbon pollution and GHG emissions that an individual or a business creates within a given time. An individual creates GHGs not by just living at home, but even more so when they travel. Following this conclusion, some researchers prove that carbon offsetting rises when we use transportation as big as airplanes to get to our desired destination.


Most country governments are aware of carbon footprints. However, this largely depends on each individual or a company led by initiatives needed to indicate the change and work towards it.

Verified Carbon Offsetting

When travel companies started working, there were severe rules about the pollution they made, but it seems that those rules aren’t valid anymore, so from then on there are even more greenhouse emissions with each day passing.

However, one important thing that companies are limited to still is the rule of how much carbon offsetting they are allowed to purchase. For instance, there are some rules about how much a certain company can produce carbon dioxide. If they need to produce more, they need to pay or do something that will compensate for that pollution. One way or the other, carbon taxes are applied.


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Calculate your carbon footprint

Our online emission calculator can calculate the carbon footprint of your travels for free. They can tell how much carbon offsets are done simply by going on your desired trip. The carbon footprint usually comes from planes or cars or buses, depending on what you use to travel, all the hotel bookings and expenses, and much more. Once you know which has less impact compared to the other, you can simply choose the more eco-friendly solution. Once you know your impact on the carbon rise in the air, you can set your views towards eco-friendly companies like ours, located all around the world, already battling with global pollution and GHGs.

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How to Offset Your Carbon Footprint for Travel?

In this situation, simple calculating just isn't enough. You need to have some strategy and do a bit of research on which things you currently own have the greatest impact. Often, you can reach for help by contacting other companies, but make sure you are aware of what they spend the money you invest for, and how they do that.

Offset your flight emissions

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Offset your flight emissions
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We encourage everyone to continually strive to reduce their carbon footprint through sensible energy reductions combined with cost-effective carbon offsets to eliminate their overall carbon footprint. DGB supports third-party validated and verified tree planting projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions for your flight.


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