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What Going Carbon Neutral Means

If any company is achieving zero carbon dioxide emission, that is called a carbon-neutral company. The process is called carbon neutrality. Companies reach carbon neutrality in two different ways.

How to become carbon neutral

Carbon Offsetting

Emissions of carbon dioxide are an inescapable aspect of modern living. However, the excellent thing is that businesses now have a variety of options for not only assessing and recording their own carbon footprint but also developing strategies to minimize or even eliminate these carbon emissions ensuring high-integrity carbon offsetting.

Biodiversity Credits

A Biodiversity Credit is a unique way to measure the net positive consequences of your expenditure on 1 hectare of land that has been saved, rehabilitated, or maintained through sustainable management in a transparent manner. It will enable you to invest in projects that will add value to the company while also providing actual advantages to a land area and its people.

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