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Why You Should Invest in Nature?

Impact investing in biodiversity, nature conservation and ecosystem restoration is good for your portfolio and good for the environment.


Benefits of Investing in Nature Conservation

Rising demand for green products

Businesses and individuals are increasingly under pressure to improve their sustainability footprint and reduce their carbon emissions. On a local, regional and international level there is rising demand for innovative green products and a need for solutions in the areas of carbon capture, agriculture, nature conservation and biodiversity. 

Carbon markets are rapidly growing

McKinsey estimates that annual global demand for carbon offsets could reach up to 1.5-2.0 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030 and up to 7-13 billion tonnes by 2050. 

Demand for carbon offsets is rising

In 2020 around EUR 1 billion-worth of carbon offsets changed hands a day, as well as lots of options and futures contracts. There are now clear signs that the market is joining the financial mainstream, with hundreds of investment firms trading in it. However, even greater levels of growth are on the horizon due to the impending net-zero commitments from both the US and China.

Strong rise in carbon price

People worldwide are waking up to the potential of nature based solutions such as reforestation and other ecological restoration to capture carbon and bring back nature where it cannot return unaided.

Increase in net zero pledges

Nations, cities and individual companies and organisations globally, are committing to meet goals of net zero. Investors need to show similar leadership - however, for several reasons, many investors feel uncertain when it comes to the means by which these goals can be realistically achieved. Dutch Green is committed to turning these risks into opportunities and sees nature as an asset not a liability.

Age of biodiversity

Conserving biodiversity is an essential part of safeguarding the biological life support systems on Earth. All living creatures, including humans, depend on these systems for the necessities of life.

1 billion

Voluntary carbon markets surpassed the US$1 billion in transaction value in 2021.


The Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Market noted that the current market for offsets will need to grow by at least 15-fold by 2030


The carbon markets show no signs of slowing down and the European carbon prices are leading the charge.

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