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How to Start a Carbon Project

We will help you unlock the value of your land every step of the way.

Step 1

Register your property

The first step is to register your property. You sign with us and tell us how much land you have available for environmental conservation management and how it is being used. Your personally identifiable information is always kept private whenever you sign with us, and you are under no need to accept any potential carbon offsetting offer.

Step 2

Develop a project design

Together with our team of ecologists and carbon experts, you will develop a project design and project implementation plan for the land. We will assist you every step of the way.

Step 3

Certify & Verify the carbon offsets

We will have the project validated and verified by a third-party audit so that we can certify the biodiversity and/or carbon offsets via a leading standard such as VCS or Gold Standard.

Step 4

Sell the carbon credits

We have a broad network of corporations and SME's and work together with respected brokers in the industry to sell carbon credits at the best price for the project.


We are proud to prove, together with the project landowner, that quality, verified, carbon farming from native forest conservation can provide a good economic alternative to deforestation. To avoid further deforestation in the Paraguayan Chaco, we need solutions that can be implemented immediately, can scale and are bankable for all parties involved.


Marcel van Heesewijk
Paraguay (PY) Gran Chaco, Paraguay

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