Shareholder information

Listing & Dividend Policy

We intend to pay an annual dividend that represents sustainable long-term value for our shareholders. In accordance with the existing dividend policy, a payout percentage of 40% to 50% of the net operating result is maintained.

The dividend payment depends on the financial results and the equity of the DGB Group. In the event of disappointing results or investments, it is possible not to distribute a dividend for that year. If a loss has been incurred in any year, no dividend will be paid for that year. In a dividend proposal, various factors will be taken into account, such as the financial and operating result, the capital position, legislation and regulations and whether the available resources are required for repayment or investments.

The Board of Directors makes a proposal which, with the approval of the non-executive director, determines which part of the profit will be added to the reserves. This is done after payment of dividend on the preference shares (no preference shares have yet been issued). Thereafter, the General Meeting of Shareholders, on the proposal of the Board of Directors, can resolve to distribute the part of the profit that remains after addition to the reserves as dividend on the ordinary shares. Payment will be made after adoption of the annual accounts showing that distribution is permitted.

The authorized capital of the DGB Group amounts to € 750,000.00 and is divided into 18,750,000 ordinary shares, 18,749,900 preference shares and 100 priority shares, each with a nominal value of € 0.02.

The issued capital is 11,400,349 ordinary shares and 100 priority shares. 4,052,175 of the ordinary shares are listed on Euronext. ISIN: NL0009169515