About us

Worlds first publicly traded purpose company focused on carbon offsetting and nature conservation.


DGB is trading on Euronext Amsterdam with ticker symbol AEX:DGB and ISIN-code: NL0009169515 

The scale of global reforestation that needs to be undertaken in the coming years is almost unimaginable but it represents an exciting opportunity for the capital markets and for private individuals. We will not only resolve one of the last remaining barriers to our survival here, restoring balance to continued life on earth, but will act in great service to all life. 

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About our mission

Our vision is to be a leading high-impact investor in sustainably managed forest by providing competitive real investment returns for our shareholders combined with high social impact. We plan to reforest the world’s land at scale and bring back nature where it cannot come back unaided.

For a successful outcome in reforestation of the planet it requires a commercial company driven by purpose with significant on-the-ground organizational capabilities along with local partners and trained and informed project managers. 

DGB provides nature based solutions that facilitate profitable and sustainable (agro)forestry. Our shareholders should be able to get as much out of their investment as possible, regardless of whether this is a matter of growth, financial returns, natural values or handing over flourishing forests to the next generation.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are organized, efficient and can economically speed up the reforestation and ecosystem processes.



Puting a value on nature



DGB has been designed as a carbon farming company, creating, producing and developing carbon offsets and a listed conservative land bank that will accumulate land assets that retain long term balance sheet value.  This will continue after the initial rainforest acquisition, through ongoing project finance. 

Part of our value to the public is to protect and act as guardians to the rainforests and to conserve nature.  The land values acquired and accumulated will stay on the balance sheet and will assist with market liquidity and perception of value.

Investing in nature-based solutions

People worldwide are waking up to the potential of nature based solutions such as reforestation and other ecological restoration to capture carbon and bring back nature where it cannot return unaided.

Reforestation involves indigenous peoples, wildlife, breathable air — even the cocoa powder and palm oil in our favorite breakfast spread. Fundamentally, though, it’s a matter of creating the conditions for Earth to continue supporting human life.

Nature based solutions have proven an attractive alternative asset for long-term shareholders, as it provides the opportunity to benefit from the value of a naturally growing commodity and the security of ownership of the underlying land.



By the public, for the public



DGB is the first public company with a sole purpose to focus on nature conservation. Our goal is to create a category of similar companies and become the best in that sector. DGB is a publicly traded company, combining long-term capital appreciation, income yield, and significant social impact. 

The listing allows us to finance our operations through private arrangements with individual shareholders, family offices, venture capital firms or alliances with larger corporations and pension funds through loans, bonds or equity deals.  We are able to offer securities for our shareholders in the acquisition of existing forests, lands or companies. 

By presenting worldwide accessibility levels in an easy-to-understand way to invest, we aim to empower shareholders to advocate for a more livable world.