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Offset Your Emissions and Become Carbon Neutral

DGB works with companies to determine what opportunities to prioritize, how to implement them, and how to manage carbon liabilities moving forward. 

Offset your carbon

Benefits of becoming a greener business

Becoming carbon neutral is more than just caring for the environment, there are many benefits to offset your emissions.

Reasons for offsetting carbon:

Improve your environment impact
Simple and cost-effective
Reduced carbon taxes
Retain and attract employees
Compliance/ transparency purposes mandatory ESG reporting

Carbon credits

DutchGreen’s projects originate carbon credits that compensate individuals’ or companies’ damage to nature and impact on the environment by funding an equivalent elsewhere. 

DutchGreen currently produces the following nature offsets:


Carbon credits for carbon offsetting

Carbon credits and ecosystem services constitute a significant potential for businesses and communities. DGB offers various nature base solutions most of which are easy to put into practice to help companies achieve net zero.


Biodiversity offsetting credits

Biodiversity offsetting is the unique way to measure the net positive consequences of your expenditure on 1 hectare of land that has been saved or rehabilitated through sustainable management in a transparent manner. 


Tailor-made wildlife protection credits

A biodiversity credit is a tailor-made sustainable financing instrument used to effectively redirect mandated and/or voluntary expenditures on biodiversity. And DGB conducts that allows being implemented more effectively.

Process of ofsetting your carbon


Calculate your carbon footprint

Use our carbon calculator to calculate your footprint so you know how much to offset.


Purchase carbon credits or biodiversity points

Purchase carbon credits or biodiversity points to offset your carbon at the habitat market.

How we verify and track the credits

We use Advanced Technologies

We are committed to a high-tech approach to nature restoration, harnessing the latest smart technologies to secure the best outcomes for the business, its customers and, ultimately, the planet.

Remote Sensing Technology

Remote viewing monitors native species of plants, insects, mammals and birds, seasonal migrations, and analyses spot critical changes over the years. Showing the vegetati- on, species, condition and erosion characteristics of every square metre of land.

Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks

The AI can recognize and count trees and label man made objects and other anomalies. The AI uses machine learning to constantly improve itself for even more accurate and advanced biodiversity analysis.

Immutable Ledger & Blockchain

We have developed a blockchain-based ecological certification approach to ensure that initiatives that implement biodiversity credits and carbon offsetting are environmentally sound

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DGB solves the very practical and real challenges of man’s symbiosis and relationship with trees to harness free market forces and the access to capital needed to rapidly accelerate the reforestation of the earth. 

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