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Addressing value chain emissions

Reduce value chain emissions in your corporate footprint

Addressing value chain emissions concern the analysis of your item's carbon emissions through its entire life cycle

The trees can speak for your company and products. We can help you with storytelling and creative green marketing content. You will be able to inform and engage emotionally with your customers. 

We've created climate-neutral procurement solutions for your whole supply chain. This is particularly important if you work with a variety of vendors. Our system allows you to acquire all of your items in a standardized, climate-neutral manner, following established calculation criteria and ensuring consistent transparency across all commodities and SKUs.

In addressing value chain emissions, we can assist you to evaluate the nature impact and carbon footprint of your goods across your value chain by integrating more than a decade of consulting expertise along with user-friendly software.

Calculate your Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Computation of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) takes into account your product's whole life cycle. This entails investigating the raw ingredients that go into your product, as well as how it's made, delivered, used, and rid of. DGB conducts a cradle-to-customer assessment. This refers to all stages of your distribution chain, excluding the utilization phase.

This is appropriate for consumers, producers, merchants, and manufacturers, as well as retail employees. Procurement of packing, print supplies, promotional materials, and office supplies are just a few instances of distribution networks.


Our services for your business

Our services are as such:

  • We evaluate the carbon dioxide emissions of your key clients items and reimburse for the emissions they have generated. Any internal carbon computations they've already quantified are welcome to be audited by us.
  • We calculate the cost of being carbon neutral across all of your transactions.
  • Throughout this procedure, we will be in charge of communicating with your suppliers.
  • If your suppliers have never done carbon foot printing previously or have an information gap, we are here to help you with that.

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We encourage everyone to continually strive to eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of sensible energy reductions and cost-effective carbon offsets. DutchGreen supports third-party validated and verified tree planting projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.