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Forests and trees are essential to maintaining resilient production systems, communities, and ecosystems. They are vital to our water supply, providing high quality water resources: they intercept atmospheric moisture, contribute to cloud and rain formation, reduce erosion and recharge groundwater. Also, trees are the best at purifying the air by sequestering emissions.

We encourage everyone to continually strive to reduce their carbon footprint through cost-effective carbon offsets to eliminate their overall carbon footprint. DGB supports third-party validated and verified tree planting projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

With our unique Tree Subcription you help restoring the forests of the world by planting new trees every month!

1 tree


The perfect sized plan for an average citizen to offset emissions and plant trees all over the world.

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1 tree planted every month
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5 trees


Family package plan for families, for frequent flyers or people who want to contribute more trees.

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5 trees planted every month
Absorb your footprint in only 1 year
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