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Artificial intelligence

Machine learning models trained on historical data

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

The trees can speak for your company and products. We can help you with storytelling and creative green marketing content. You will be able to inform and engage emotionally with your customers. 

To streamline procedures and do near-real-time assessments, we use contemporary artificial intelligence systems. We secure information on the cloud by analyzing and visualizing massive amounts of data. We supply data modeling and analysis for projects all around the world with long-term potential value.

Modern artificial intelligence

We use modern artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, blockchain, machine learning, satellite images, and aerial drones to aid in the regeneration of land and the regeneration of biodiverse habitats at large.


Robust data collection

In order to demonstrate the vegetation, species, state, and erosion character traits of each and every square meter of land in our portfolio of natural-based solutions, we collect information from a dense range of devices on ground drone sensors, gestor and orbital satellite systems with learning machines trained in the statistical information for the level of data collection.


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We encourage everyone to continually strive to eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of sensible energy reductions and cost-effective carbon offsets. DutchGreen supports third-party validated and verified tree planting projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.