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Blockchain nature verification

Highest transparancy nature offsetting

Blockchain-based ecological certification

The trees can speak for your company and products. We can help you with storytelling and creative green marketing content. You will be able to inform and engage emotionally with your customers. 

Third-party inspections, findings, and certificates should provide the objective viewpoint required to help our clients assess their current productivity, discover improvement possibilities, select the best next actions, and assure consumers and stakeholders.

Use advanced technology for nature-based solutions

We developed a blockchain-based ecological certification approach to ensure that initiatives that implement carbon offsetting were environmentally sound and benefited the development cycle. 

We initiated an industry standard for climate and sustainable development interventions, Gold Standard for the Global Goals, to maximize impact and add value for users across the globe and the planet we share, with the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Through this robust procedure, we hope to speed progress towards the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. We can accomplish this by lowering entry barriers, improving capacities, and incentivizing more engagement in three key areas. These are environmental markets, developing corporate sustainability, and climate and development finance."


Assess and evaluate ecological initiatives for biodiversity conservation

In order to assess and evaluate ecologic initiatives for biodiversity conservation, we use artificial intelligence, blockchain, Big Data, and Drone technology.

For Blockchain nature verification, management of nature-based green initiatives, we establish blockchain international standards for the DGB or for third parties. DGB will enable a trade market for environmental offset tokens that provide comprehensive accountability and transparency via secured blockchain.

Assess and evaluate ecological initiatives for biodiversity conservation

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We encourage everyone to continually strive to eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of sensible energy reductions and cost-effective carbon offsets. DutchGreen supports third-party validated and verified tree planting projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

We have an active influence on the world around us, together with our customers and partners:

  • Keeping the supply chain safe
  • Agriculture's long-term viability
  • From farm to fork, ensuring food safety
  • Improving indoor air quality for construction materials, coatings, and furnishings
  • Energy preservation and recycling are encouraged.
  • On land and in the sea, fragile habitats must be protected.
  • Lowering the carbon footprints of businesses
  • Assisting with well-informed decision-making