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Smart reforestation

We use the most advanced powerful technological tools for ecosystem restoration

High-tech approach to global reforestation

The trees can speak for your company and products. We can help you with storytelling and creative green marketing content. You will be able to inform and engage emotionally with your customers. 

We're dedicated to a high-tech approach to smart reforestation, utilizing the most cutting-edge smart technology to get the greatest results for the company, its customers, and, eventually, the world. This technique will assist every stage of our nature restoration initiatives, from the first meticulous research to the use of specialized tools to mechanically speed up the planting of biodiverse species to the use of drones and satellite imaging to monitor plant development. 

Use automation for nature

We strive for quality, size, speed, and excellent survival rates while tree planting. We can create technology that will allow us to replant trees hundreds of hectares in a single plant session, including a GPS-enabled automated process that will increase field effectiveness and quality of smart reforestation.


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We encourage everyone to continually strive to eliminate their carbon footprint through a combination of sensible energy reductions and cost-effective carbon offsets. DutchGreen supports third-party validated and verified tree planting projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.